£50,000 target reached!!

by | Nov 2, 2010

New School Building for Ray of Hope

We are so pleased to be able to report that we have reached the £50,000 target that we set in June this year to enable Friends to purchase a new building for Ray of Hope School.  It is still to sink in properly that such a large sum has been raised in such a short time. We are so grateful to our donors for the very generous gifts that have been given. Thank you.
What happens now?
Well, we are several months ahead of schedule which is a wonderful position to be in.  It does give us time to sort out our approach to purchasing a building and to take further legal advice, as well as arranging the transfer of funds to Uganda.  You may recall from earlier newsletters that there is a building that is already under consideration for purchase; that building  will become available in the new year. We would reiterate that the new school building will remain the property of ‘Friends of Ray of Hope’ to give security to our donors’ investment and to ensure the continuation of the various aspects of the work undertaken by Emily and all our friends at Ray of Hope. We are very conscious of the responsibility that Friends is undertaking in purchasing a building, as it not only ties us even closer to the work of Ray of Hope, but it will also entail future responsibility for maintenance and running costs.

We have reached our target, and that is a wonderful and exciting thing, now we must set new targets so that we can meet those additional costs that we will incur.  We, Friends, are in it for the long haul.  We are committed to doing all that we can to support Emily and her staff in their inspirational work amongst the poorest people in Kampala.
Our thanks again to all those who have made this possible!