Where has our money been spent in 2011?

by | Dec 27, 2011

Total Expenditure for 2011 – £11,270 

As you will see above, our total expenditure for the year was £11,270.  This is considerably less than it might have been, had it not been for the much improved exchange rate in favour of the ‘£’, although to some degree, the improved exchange rate was countered by the rise in the cost of living in Uganda – inflation is currently running at over 20%. 

I have kept our pie chart very simple with just three main areas of funding:

Sponsorship – £3,362 was transferred during the year to cover the school fees of those children who are sponsored through Friends.  The number of children sponsored has increased considerably during the last quarter of the year, and so next year’s sponsorship money will account for a much larger proportion of our funding.  However, our sponsors pay into our account on a monthly basis and that money is ring-fenced and available when we need to send it out, and so does not pose a funding challenge.  Currently, 39 children are sponsored by our friends out of a total of approximately 250 children sponsored into Secondary Education through Ray of Hope.  I anticipate that the proportion of the total number of children that we sponsor will grow in 2012, to more reflect the significant support we give in other areas.

Feeding Programme – The cost of feeding the children, and families in particular need, in 2011 was £2,113.  This is an area of expenditure that has seen a considerable saving, despite the rise in food costs during the year.  It costs between 7 – 10p per person per day to give the children a nutritious meal that improves their health and general wellbeing.  We hope to be able to continue the feeding into the holidays this next year if we can get committed giving to cover the extra expense.   As with the sponsorship commitment, the money to pay for the feeding of the children comes through the dedicated giving of a handful of friends, their money too is ring-fenced and so poses  no funding challenge for us once it is committed.

The General Fund – This is the area of funding that could be sub-divided into a number of different areas of expense.  Since this last summer, the main expenditure from the fund has been, and will continue to be, the wages for staff. This part year for which we have been responsible for wages has cost us £2,909.    At the current rates, next years teacher’s wages costs will be £4,770  – although we would hope to raise wages when able to bring them more in to line with Ugandan standards.  In addition to the wages for  Emily and the four teachers, Friends also pays for a Social Worker, Cook and General Assistant.

Apart from Staff wages, the General Fund finances everything else, from  enabling crisis intervention (housing, medical, transport etc.), to paying school fees for unsponsored children, to meeting the cost of utilities at the school – if an expense falls outside of ‘feeding’ or ‘sponsorship’, then it is paid for from the General Fund.

Anticipated expenditure for 2012

We estimate that our commitment to Ray of Hope in 2012 will require that we provide approximately £16,000, baring unforeseen circumstances.  As already expressed, we have been greatly blessed with funding this year and meeting next year’s commitment will not be a problem.  However, it would be a mistake to rest upon our laurels, for 2012 will surely turn into 2013 – in about a year or so!  Our experience of being involved with Ray of Hope is that we go from crisis to crisis and so it would be prudent for we Friends to maintain our fundraising activities.  We would always welcome any of our Friends who would like to become more involved in fundraising.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, then please get in touch.

Our best wishes to all Friends for 2012,

Steve & Liz