Anniversary Celebration raises £850!

by | Apr 3, 2012

Our thanks to Diamond Wedding Couple

Tom and Vi Jennings celebrated their Diamond Wedding on the 29th March.  Family and friends who celebrated with them were asked not to buy gifts or flowers, but rather to make a donation toward Friends.  Vi said, ‘We didn’t need gifts, much better for our celebration to result in children having enough to eat.’   Tom and Vi were delighted to see that their day had raised such a significant sum towards the work of Ray of Hope.  We are very grateful to them both, and to their family and friends for their generosity.

Could you do something similar?

Dear Friends, our responsibility as the sole major source of income for Ray of Hope means that we cannot just patiently wait for gifts and donations, but must be pro-active, looking for opportunities to promote the work and raise funds. Birthdays and anniversaries can present us all with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of some of the poorest people of the slums of Kampala.  How about it?  Do you have a significant event on the horizon?