Feeding programme extended into holidays

by | Nov 20, 2012

With the feeding programme approaching its second anniversary we were well aware just how well it had been received by the poor families of Ray of Hope’s school children.  In addition to improving the children’s nutrition, it also was clearly an economic boost to the families who, relieved of the burden to meet the cost of feeding their children, were able to focus their limited resources on paying the rent.  In the past this cruel dilemma was a very common experience in the slums of Namuwonga – feed the children properly or keep the roof over the family’s head!

Early this year we decided that we had to complete the programme by extending the provision of food into the summer break and other holidays.  Emily (Project Director) reported that the families very happy with this move.  Even so, only about half of the children, mostly the very young ones, came to the school for a meal.  Emily says that the reason for this was that the families needed their older children to work to maximise their income.

At the moment the £200+ cost per month of funding the Feeding Programme is met by the generosity of a handful of our Friends.  The cost of extending the programme, together with the high inflation rate in Uganda, may mean that we will need to find further guaranteed funds in the near future.  If you would like to be part of this very rewarding aspect of Friends’ work, then please get in touch.