Friends’ Decorating Blitz at School!

by | Dec 19, 2011

Friends and helpers bring colour to Ray of Hope School

In late November I ((Steve) visited the Project together two other Friends, Matt Brearley and John Miller.  We came equipped with brushes and rollers to bring colour and freshness to the interior of Ray of Hope School.    The last term of the year had just finished when we arrived,  although the school grounds remain a gathering point for the children.  In addition, there was no shortage of volunteers from amongst the old boys of the school who are now at Secondary School.  Having passed through Ray of Hope School they still identify with it and were keen to help.  Matt, John and I were greatly impressed at the commitment shown – the boys were there every day and worked with us throughout each day.  Painting was something that they had not done before and they were eager to learn new skills.  With supervision they did a great job, and by the end of the week all of the classrooms and common areas were  vibrant and clean – they on the other hand were often whiter than the three of us, as you can see in the photo below!

For the hall, stairwell and corridors, a bright terra-cotta colour brings the red earth colour of Africa into the building – instead of the actual smears of African earth on the walls we had at the start!  For the classrooms, a vivid green was chosen which again reflects the lush Ugandan countryside.  If you go to ‘Photos’ you can see the colours, and compare ‘before and after’ shots.

The staff and children were really pleased with the improvemnt in their working environment.  The work though, is not complete, and there will still be further decorating work to be done when we visit again in July/August, but thanks to the ‘Team’ the major part of it has now been done!  Thanks to all involved!