Funding and Expediture for 2010

by | Jan 3, 2011

At the beginning of this New Year we would like to convey our thanks to all our fellow Friends who have helped to make 2010 yet another record breaking year in our support of Ray of Hope. The pie-charts below show our income and expenditure for the last year. We have not included in the charts the £44,535 (£51,500 with Gift Aid added) raised for the purchasing of a new school building for Ray of Hope. You will see that no deductions have been made for costs or administration – every penny raised has gone to the project for the benefit of the children and their families.

Income – A pie-chart can only be a simplified picture of our accounts and in reality there is often an area of overlap between sections of the pie.  Concerning the profit made from craft sales, at the time of going to press, we can only estimate the funds raised by the selling, in the UK, of craft brought from the project. You will also see that there are no reciepts shown for Gift Aid.  We anticipate recieving Gift Aid for 2010 during January 2011.

Expenditure – Friends have only three areas of expenditure.  The two funds earmarked for the Feeding Programme and for Sponsorship are ring-fenced as these areas involve an on-going commitment and need security of funding.  The third area of expenditure is the General Fund.  This fund is flexible and is used by Emily (Project Director) to fund all other areas of the project’s work.

‘Thank you’ again to all our Friends – you are part of a process that changes the lives of many people for the better – putting more smiles on more faces and hope in more hearts!