New start for Ray of Hope School

by | May 24, 2011

Emily cuts the tape – excitement at opening of new school building

Emily cuts the ribbon and formally opens Ray of Hope’s new school.  The excitement of the staff and children is evident in the photo above, but we can only begin to understand why they should be so animated.  For the first time Ray of Hope School is secure – the property is owned on their behalf and their use of the building is guaranteed. Being outside the slum, although adjacent to it, means that no longer will Emily have to fear that at some point the authorities would send in the bulldozers to clear the illegal settlement that the old building was a part of.  The staff and children have always taken pride in their school and their school building, even the humble building that they have left behind.  Now they have a smart building which is still located in their community, a building that compares well with their neighbours – Ray of Hope’s amazing story begins another chapter!

We must again acknowledge the incredible generosity of the handful of donors who made the purchase of the new school possible. Thank you so much!

 Feeding Programme update

You may recall that when we began feeding the children during their school day back in February 2010 we were able to commit ourselves to it only because of a generous gift given for that purpose.  That gift gave us a cushion that allowed us  a window of 18 months to raise from amongst our ‘Friends’ the committed giving of the £250 a month needed to cover the cost of the programme.  We have just reached that target and ahead of schedule!  Again, we are grateful, initially of course to our original donor that made the whole thing possible and subsequently to the half a dozen or so people who  the provision of a nutritious and assured daily school meal.  Liz and I would love for you all to see just what it means to the families to know that their children are given a nutritious meal each day, relieving the parents of that responsibility when money is always in short supply.  The children themselves look forward to that daily meal and are obviously healthier and livelier for it.

We still have the intention to extend the Feeding Programme into the weekends and holiday periods, but at the present we do not have the funds to do that.  Providing sufficient food to enable our children to grow healthily and happily must be a priority – children need to be well and nourished to make the most of the education opportunities that Ray of Hope offers. Our future hopes and plans for this programme still leaves room for any of our ‘Friends’ to contribute, so get in touch if you if you would like to be part of it.