‘Pudding & Craft’ Evening – 18th November

by | Oct 28, 2011

Christmas shopping starts here!

OK, ‘pudding’ and the sale of ‘craft’ may not at have much in common with each other!  Our thinking though, is that if the quality and variety of the craft goods we have to offer doesn’t get you through the door, then the prospect of getting your fill of the best desserts our group can come up with just might!   In addition to my own delicious whisky bread & butter pudding, there will be other delights to sample, including crumbles, cheese cakes – even a summer pudding I am told!

In purchasing craft goods from the women of Ray of Hope we assist in enabling approximately 30 women to earn enough to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families.  The quality of the goods is evident and the prices we try to keep low to ensure turn-over.  The women are paid a good rate by Ugandan standards for their work, and all the profit we make goes back to Ray of Hope.

It will be a good opportunity also to speak with each other and put faces to names.  For those who missed out on the Open Evening it will be another chance to catch up on developments at Ray of Hope and to also see pictures that will at the same time both challenge us and warm our hearts.

Please try to make it – and Friend, bring a friend!