Ray of Hope School

by | Feb 2, 2011

The new school building is purchased!

One of the golden rules when house hunting is ‘Don’t set your heart on the first property you see!’   Well, I think that is just what Emily (Project Director) did when she first saw this building: everything was right about it.  It was in the community of Namuwonga which it serves, and only a short walk for the children from their homes.  It has sufficient space to allow the school to grow without being too big and thereby an unnecessary expense to maintain.  When Liz and I visited in the summer of 2010 we too couldn’t help but think ‘This is the one!’   At that time, raising the £50,000 to buy it seemed like a mountain to climb, but God has blessed the campaign and touched the hearts and wallets of a number of our very generous supporters.  To those people who have provided the funds to make Ray of Hope’s future secure we say a very big ‘Thank you!’

Of course, raising the money to buy the building was only the first mountain we had to climb, the next was going through the actual buying process.   We would wish to acknowledge the assistance of our partner charity ‘Hope For Children’ without whom we would have struggled.  Hope For Children has graciously facilitated us in getting our money out to Uganda and also with help on the ground in Kampala.  Through ‘Hope..’ we have also just received our first Gift Aid payment of over £3,500!!   So ‘Thank you’ Hope For Children!

What next? 

 Well, it would be nice if we could relax on the top of the mountain and admire the view for a while, but other mountains are coming into view – not as big thankfully, but nonetheless challenging.  The new building will need to be adapted from the dwelling that it now is to make it operational as a school. Classrooms will need to be fitted out and the other pressing matter is that of a kitchen so that the feeding programme can be brought on site from the old building.   So, our fellow ‘Friends’, we still need to be actively fundraising – any ideas?!