Ray of Hope School’s Day Out!

by | May 1, 2014

In early April, Steve and Liz Jennings visited the Ray of Hope School, which is situated on the edge of the sprawling Namuwonga community in Kampala. They had the joy of taking a hundred children and their teachers to a local amusement park, where the children could escape the poverty and unhealthy squalor of the slum for a few hours. The children had a brilliant time on the rides and in the swimming pool; they also enjoyed a tasty, nutritious meal and a drink of coca cola – a rare treat! This day out was made possible through the generosity of many of our supporters, particularly those who attend All Saints Church, Milford on Sea. Steve and Liz would like to thank all who gave their money to make this day possible, and put huge smiles on the faces of Ray of Hope children!