Fundraiser thank you. Made it across Scotland!

by | Sep 27, 2013

Thank you very much for the sponsorship! The event was hard but the mission was completed in 12 hours 40 minutes.

Day one was sunny but long, it started in Nairn with a 7 mile run and then a 48 mile road cycle with a big steady climb to 380m (1200ft), before a really fast/steep decent to Loch Ness for a kayak and short run. That took five and a half hours and was frankly enough.

Loch Ness, Fort Augustus, end of day one

Day two was grim. Cold, wet, windy and dark. It started with an off road cycle for 33 miles, through forests and up a lot of hills, from Fort Augustus to Fort William. There were a few low points with numb fingers and toes etc, but flapjack and knowledge that I had a dry pair of socks in my bag got me through.
Then there was a transition to foot, I was able to add a dry extra layer and change socks quickly before setting off uphill around Ben Nevis on the West Highland Way for a little over a half marathon, climbing to 330m (1100ft) and running (and walking for the steep bits) through flooded rocky paths.

Running along the West Highland Way

The rain was pretty torrential but it was absolutely spectacular at the same time. The decent was pretty sore on the knees but reaching the finish was brilliant. Day two took seven hours.

Finish line, 105 miles done

Your support raised a total of nearly £500 for Friends of Ray of Hope and donations are still coming in. That is pretty amazing given how late I put out a ‘please sponsor me’ plea; thank you so much for your generosity. The money really will go a long way and be used well. For example putting a kid through school, paying a teacher’s wages, supporting a feeding programme and so on. Every penny received by the charity will go the beneficiaries. (If you’d like to know more about their work or ways to support further, such as sponsoring a child through secondary school, have a look on the website and ping them an email).

Thanks again, your support was awesome!