Update from Uganda

by | Jul 24, 2011

‘Friends’ Distribute Toys

The children of the Namuwongo District of Kampala lack many things.  Some are homeless, others orphaned, many are hungry and suffer ill health.  In such circumstances you might reasonably think that ‘Friends’ are wasting their time and effort collecting toys and taking them all the way to Uganda.  I would have to say in reply that you would have to be here and see the excitement on the faces of some children as they run off to show their gift of a car or cuddly toy to their mother or siblings – who in turn come running for their gift.  Other children will just stand and turn their toy over in their hands, examining it as if they are not too sure what it is or what it is for.  It is true that the gift of a toy does not address the grinding poverty in which these children live, but we believe it does say to the children, ‘You are special’ and ‘Today you will play!’